About Us

At Asphalt Artistry the name of the game is family.  We are invested in teaching our children what it means to be a responsible business owner and American citizen, and for us that means two things – providing our customer with the best results possible, something that is both beautiful and functional, for a reasonable price, and appreciating our good fortune by giving back to our community. 

     We have seven children, and we make it a priority to demonstrate to them that integrity comes first in business, and the profits will follow.  We have built a reputation for doing more than expected, so that when we go home at the end of a project we leave a driveway we can be proud of.  Much of the work we do is for people in our area, neighbors, so we make certain that we can look them in the eye every day, knowing that their driveway is going to look great many years down the road.

      We want our children to know that the greatest blessing in having your own business is the ability it creates to support our community.  We are proud of our membership in the Blue Spruce Kiwanis and our church, and through those organizations are able to give to people in need with a focus on children’s concerns.

      Always lovers of animals we involve ourselves in horse rescue and are a big part of the Evergreen Rodeo Parade, an event that happens each summer in conjunction with the Evergreen Rodeo, creating a great weekend of entertainment while raising money for cancer research. 

     We feel it a privilege to live in the mountains and are committed to the effort it takes to make life in the high country safe for all of us.  Our volunteer fire departments do so much for the sake of the people who live here and Asphalt Artistry is thrilled to be a major sponsor of the Big Chili Cook-off, an event that raises funds for the mountain area Volunteer Fire/Rescue services.

     We believe that family goes beyond the faces around the dinner table, and we think of our employees as part of our clan. Part of the “art” in Asphalt Artistry lies in the relationships we have built and continue to build along the way.   We depend every day on the people and companies we work with because what we do together is so much more than install a driveway.  We do work we are proud of with people we care about in a place we love to call home.bbb-a-rating


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